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How to use Aspose Maven Project Wizard on JetBrains

Aspose Maven Dependencies Integration with IntelliJ IDEA

This plugin facilitates the integration of Aspose maven dependencies with the IntelliJ IDEA.

Aspose Java API's maven dependencies are available through Aspose Cloud Maven Repository.

Plugin provides the Aspose Maven Project wizard for easily creating the Aspose maven based project along with all the configuration of repository and selected Aspose APIs maven dependencies.

How to Install Aspose Maven Plugin for your Favorite IntelliJ IDEA

This step by step tutorial will demonstrate you from the installation of the plugin to using Aspose Maven project wizard to creat Aspose maven based projects.

The Aspose Maven Project Wizard plugin is listed on IntelliJ IDEA’s official website, so you don’t need to download it manually and install it from disk, but this extra option still exists in IntelliJ IDEA.

Aspose Maven Plugin can be easily installed from the IntelliJ IDEA CE Plugins repository enlisting the Aspose Maven Project Wizard plugin. To open it:

  1. Select Settings from the File menu.
  2. Click Plugins, then browse the repositories in IntelliJ IDEA.

This plugin will introduce a new project type –  Aspose API for Java Integration with Jetbrains IDEAspose Maven Project – into IntelliJ IDEA, which will enable you to create Aspose Java APIs maven based projects.

 Aspose API for Java Integration with Jetbrains IDEAspose Maven Project

The desired Aspose APIs can be selected to include the maven dependencies in your maven based project when creating a new maven project.

1. Select New Project.
2. Select Aspose Maven Project
3. Click Next.

4. Select Aspose API(s) from the list and click Next.

5. Provide a GroupId, ArtifactId and Version for your maven project and click Next.

6. Provide a Project Name and Location just like when creating any Java application

7. Click Finish.
    This will retrieve the selected Aspose APIs latest maven dependencies references from Aspose Cloud  
    Maven Repository.


Congratulations! you have successfully created Aspose maven based project with the selected Aspose APIs latest maven dependencies and Aspose Cloud Maven Repository configuration already present in pom.xml.

The created Aspose maven project is ready to be extended as per your project's requirements.

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